Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Squishy Baby Face

Nothing creative to share with you today. I've been working quite a bit out of home and when I am home, I've been helping my sister out with her kiddos. They were here today and I'm {LOVING} it. There's not much I adore more than sweet smelling little babies. Especially this one.

This is my niece, Kenzie Lee. Isn't she gorgeous? *Insert big pink sparkly heart here* She usually has a stranger danger issue but she's been warming up to me. Probably because all I say to her is "Hey pretty baby!" or "Who's the prettiest baby ever?" Flattery works on the sweetest of babies. She really loves Caylee, my middle one. Cay is an awesome big cousin.

You know you want to come squish her cheeks. Or kiss them. Or pinch them. Or just rub your own cheeks to them. Did I mention she smells good? I even love her when she's like this

Hope you're having a lovely day!

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