Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quick Party Art

The party countdown is on! Little one's birthday is in 3 days, the party is in 4 and I'm really excited for everything to come together. The banner for her party arrived (I'll post that with party pics later on) and I wanted something fun for the wall in the kitchen. We're going to arrange the food and goodie bags on our table and let everyone eat in the living room where there's more room. To spice up the area I decided to take the "art" off the walls and switch it out with something more "Minnie-esque".

This is what was hanging there before. It's just scrapbook paper that coordinates with my kitchen cut to fit the frames. We're not 100% unpacked, so this whole thing is missing some cute sconces on the sides...but that's another post...

Here's the new "art" - more scrapbook paper purchased at Jo-ann's. The middle one is kind of hard to see but it's solid black and outlined Mickey Mouse heads on a red background. The best part? I can take it out and use it when I scrapbook her birthday pictures! Double duty!

It's all coming together!

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