Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yarn Wreath with Felt Roses

I stumbled across this blog Take Heart this weekend and fell in love with the yarn wreaths in this post.

My middle and I were in need of something fun to do while the rice krispie treats we made were cooling and hardening. So we whipped up a wreath too. We used a standard wreath form, green yarn, and red, gold, and white felt. My middle helped make the flowers, she's a very good rose maker.

We love how it turned out

Friday, October 22, 2010

Chef's Hat and Apron Set

Holiday season is upon us and one thing I love about being part of an online community is the ability to trade wares with other mom's. A very sweet mama on Cloth Diaper Nation contacted me about trading her crochet skills for my sewing skills. She made me a super cute crochet dinosaur and I made her this chef's hat and apron set.

For the hat, I used this tutorial by Skip to my Lou. I modified it a little, using snaps instead of velcro as the closure. It has two settings for size adjustment and should grow with her little one at least two years.

The apron is made with the same cute fabrics. It was a very easy piece to make, taking less than 30 minutes total.

Thanks for looking!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Carnival Bloom Diaper Bag & Carseat Blanket

My sister begged asked very nicely for me to make her a diaper bag. Her requirements were that it be big enough to hold 2 little one's worth of stuff, and have interior pockets suitable for bottles and other baby necessities.

I stumbled across this tutorial on Sew Much Ado and figured I'd give it ago.

The outside of the bag is made with Michael Miller's "Carnival Bloom" in corduroy. I bought this fabric from Above All Fabric. Melanie, the shop's owner, is incredibly sweet, ships quickly, and sells quality fabrics at great prices.

The inner is just a plain pink cotton woven fabric. For the pockets I used the Carnival Bloom print as well, but cotton woven instead of corduroy. I made some bias tape out of the pink fabric to go along the tops of the pockets.

I also whipped up this carseat blanket for her baby girl using the woven print and some cuddly, silky, furry fabric.

Thanks for looking!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Seed Trees

When the hubby carved our pumpkin, I managed to remember to save the seeds before he tossed the string inners. Let me just say that is not the funnest thing in the world. It feels like brains, not that I know what brains feel like...

Anyway, we rinsed the seeds off in a colander in the sink then dried out them in the oven. I let them sit out to dry overnight as well.

I had read on a blog that an easy way to paint pumpkin seeds is to lay out long "donuts" of tape and stick the seeds to the tape. This way they won't roll around. However, I cannot find that blog anymore, so if it's yours, please let me know so I can give credit where it's due.

Here's the middle laying them out for us, and then painting them.

She painted 1/3 of them brown, and then split the remainder into four groups which she painted red, orange, yellow, and green.

I had drawn some simple basic trees on white cardstock and written their names and the year at the bottom. Using regular school glue, we drew squiggles on the tree and the girls stuck the brown seeds to the tree trunk and branches. Then we put little dots of glue all over the tree tops and the girls glued the other colored seeds as leaves.

We still have a big pile of seeds leftover that we plan to paint for a Thanksgiving craft. Maybe turkeys?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin decorating!

We went pumpkin picking at the beginning of the month and the girls each picked a pumpkin.

The hubby carved "our" pumpkin (I just let him have his way with it) and we had put some of those battery operated tea lights (not shown in the picture):

The girls wanted to "decorate" theirs rather than carve them. So we pulled out our giant box of felt and went to town. I wish I had remembered to pull my camera out while we were making these.

This is Brianna's "witch":

She drew the face and filled in the nose and eyebrows with paint. For the hat, we did a donut shape out of black felt, then glued a felt cone on top of it over the stem of the pumpkin. The ears are green felt with black centers, and of course her witch would not be complete without the green "rosy" cheeks!

Caylee wanted a less scary pumpkin, so she made a butterfly:

Cay painted the "body" and face. I helped her cut out and glue on the shapes for the wings. For the finishing touch, we cut skinny strips of red felt and rolled and glued them periodically for the antennae.

Later that week Lilly decorated hers. She is a bit too young to play with scissors and hot glue, so she painted hers. She's really good at making faces:

The back of the pumpkin has blue hair too :)

She had a bit much fun with the paint, she tried to paint her eyes!