Saturday, June 5, 2010

M & M Teacher Appreciation gifts

I got the idea for these sweet (haha) treats for my girls' teachers from the fantabulous blog Domestically Speaking. Maryann is so stinking creative, she kills me. I love her blog and now you must as well!

The girls each have two teachers. My middle finished her first year of preschool yesterday so I had to have these done for her to give to her teachers at the certificate ceremony.

We bought the mason jars for $.98 apiece at a kitchen supply store. I think next time we'll do smaller jars - these held 3 cups of M&Ms each, which proved to be VERY pricey.

For the notes, we printed out the poem from Domestically Speaking in a pretty curvy font, it ended up being 4"x4" when done. Then the girls wrote "To *teacher* Love *their names*" on one side of a piece of 5"x6" construction paper. We glued the poem to the reverse side and they wrote their names again and the year on the bottom underneath. I wrapped a small piece of packing tape over the top of the construction paper so it was on both sides, about 1/2 inch down, then punched a whole through the tape. I figured the tape would prevent the tag from tearing off easily. We threaded some simple ribbon through the whole and tied it onto the jar.

Voila!! Super easy gifts - took less than 30 minutes for the entire craft.

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Kelly said...

Great idea, & thanks for the reminder. Year end teacher appreciations gifts had totally slipped my mind!