Monday, June 14, 2010

Gearing up for Summer!

It's hard to believe this school year is just about over. My oldest finishes kindergarten next Tuesday...that's just 8 days! The middle finished this year of preschool on the 4th as well.

With the end of the year pretty much here, I've been trying to figure out how to keep my bright, active divas busy this summer. Mixed in with lots of free play indoors and out, visits to Grammy's pool, and trips to the beach as a family, I need to offer them some fun and educational activities. Need. Definitely need.

First on our list is the Free Family Film Festival at our local Regal Theater. Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10am they offer a family friendly movie for free. We went a few times last summer. All the girls loved it, the theater keeps the lights up a bit so that it's not scary dark. Since it's all families, including babies, no one fusses if your child gets a bit noisy (although I try to keep my girls quiet).

Family Film Festival

Also on our agenda, the Free Fun Fridays, offered by the Highland Street Foundation. The program offers free admission to all sorts of great Massachusetts attractions including the Science Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, and Franklin Park Zoo. It's open to anyone, not just Mass residents, which is fantastic for us.

Free Fun Fridays

We've also got plans for a trip to Rhode Island to visit friends and the zoo, a visit to York's Wild Kingdom in York, Maine, as well as a day trip up to North Conway, NH, to enjoy the nature and a little outlet shopping.

That's where my list stands right now. If anyone knows of other economical attractions and events in the New England area, please do share!

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MamaBug said...

I'm not in your fact I'm across the country in Oregon, but these are some ideas:
summer reading programs at the library, VBS, learning/teacher stores sometimes have crafts for homeschooling parents and are usually free, Michael's craft stores has crafts, Home Depot and Lowe's have crafts on Saturdays for kids, Our local parks bureau has activities and an activiy calendar for all the many locations, nature centers have kid friendly activities.
We love the Regal free days, although some of those movies (Rug Rats, Jimmy Neutron) have been playing for 4 years!
Hope these help!