Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A little of this, a lot of that

It has been a world of insanity and chaos here lately. I came down with some sort of head cold and subsequently got everyone else sick. My two littles have had the hardest time, their colds turned into ear infections and let's just say no one is happy in our house right now.

In the midst of feeling yucky, I've been trying to keep busy. Last week I got some quiet time and cut out a whole mess of pieces for 8 mama cloth pads. I plan to get them sewed up tomorrow if my middle one goes back to school. I think when these are done my stash will be complete.

I also had some orders for bows over the last week.

These were for my friend Nichole's daughter Julia.

And a couple custom orders from my etsy shop

And lastly, a whole mess of clippies for my girls. They helped me use up some scraps of ribbon. I think my oldest is tired of wearing bows, but she does like clippies.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I don't know how they do it

Those bloggers who take amazing pictures of themselves, modeling different pieces of clothing they might have made. I can't figure it out.

I made this skirt for myself. Trying to take pictures of it actually on me, all by myself. First, I didn't want my face in them. I'm having a bad hair day and haven't felt well the last few days on top of that.

Should I sit down?

Stand and let the sun wash it all out?

Act timid and stand away?

Whatever way works, but I'm actually not happy with it. It's so bunchy at the waist and not full enough in the skirt. It's like a bubble around my legs. I think I need to work on my pattern idea.

I also made myself some mama cloth. These are my first ones. I was trying out a pattern I drew. I made the one on the right slightly larger than the left, and left off the channel stitching as well. I think I like this one best and will be making more soon.

Ah well. So I crafted for myself. I should do so more often.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Baby crafting

My little sister is having a baby girl in August. I wanted to give her some things made just for the little one (who currently is nameless still! It's driving me nuts. Pick a name!).

The first thing I made was this little reversible dress. I had the idea for it in my head and had to wing the pattern on my own. However I goofed and didn't make the straps long enough when I drew the pattern. I wanted them to be long enough that they could overlap and snap. Instead they have a bit of elastic covered by coordinating fabric. Ah well. Trial and error.

And the other side:

Next, I whipped up this yummy carseat size lovey blanket. One side is organic bamboo velour (although I think that's supposed to be called rayon from bamboo now? I'm not sure...) The other side is bubblegum giraffes. I lurve this fabric. It's a favorite of mine.

Close up (the little loop now has a link-doo attached to it so she can hook it to the carseat or add a toy.)

And lastly, some little bibs. I followed the tutorial and used the pattern from here. These are really easy. Aside from the cutting, they take no time to make.

These are backed with fleece and have plastic snaps for closures. My hubby had to help me the first time using the snap pliers I got from KAM snaps. They're pretty easy to use although I did break a few snaps in practicing.

Sooo that's the start of her handmade gifts! I made up a few other things that aren't finished. Will post as soon as they're done. I've run out of thread!! Who does that? All I have is some yellow variegated thread that just doesn't look right at all. I want to make some more bibs, some matching burp cloths, and a couple more dresses.