Monday, April 5, 2010

It's good that I don't parent the way I blog

It's been nearly a month!! Isn't that crazy!?! Things have been wild and psychotic this past month. I've been prepping for the little ones birthday party, and Easter too! Not to mention it's been the wettest March in FOREVER here.

I made a bajillion of these paper poms for the birthday party. I used the tutorial from Martha's website. These were really easy! I believe we'll be making these for EVERY family function from now on.

I've been working on knitting some shorties for the little one as well. However that's not going so well. My numb kittens keep finding the work in progress and chewing the yarn so that it breaks! Imagine my heartbreak everytime I got to pick it up to work on it some more and find that the hours of stitches I put into it are useless.

I made some of these eggs for the girls for Easter. I need to wrestle them away so I can get a picture.

So I've been busy, but hopefully things will slow down this coming month. The birthday party is this coming Sunday and then not much else going on except Mother's Day then the middle's birthday is June 1st.

I'll be around more for a bit. :)

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