Saturday, April 10, 2010

I had a bad day.

Yesterday was one of those days you wake up and wish it could be tomorrow already.

It was dreary rainy out. The chilled damp air really gets to my body and I felt terrible all over. My muscles and joints ached like I had arthritis! Of course, everyone else said they were just fine, I must be crazy. But really, this happens every time it rains.

Later on in the day I tried to use my digital camera to take pictures of some things I made yesterday. I had whipped up a pretty summer skirt for myself and a couple headbands and wanted to show you all on the blog here. I went to turn the camera on and it wouldn't. At all. This camera has been sent out via Geek Squad twice already, had the entire lens unit replaced, as well as a new power board. However it just hates me and DH had to bring it in with him today in hopes that it'll get fixed. :( So sad, baby's party is tomorrow and I can't use my own camera.

THEN yesterday afternoon, my big girls were in their basement playroom goofing around. The middle comes upstairs and says "Mama do you like my hair?" And being a busy mama I say "Sure" then glance up and notice she's hacked her hair off. Mullet-style. I was in shock. I cried. I called my mum who said "come on over and I'll try to fix it". Now she has a pixie cut, which looks okay on her tiny little elf-like head, but it makes me so sad. Her hair was finally growing longer. It had gorgeous curly waves and hung past her shoulders. *crying!!* I'm heartbroken. I know it's just hair, but it's my little girls hair!

And of course I can't show you any pictures because of the nonfunctioning camera, but let's just say it wasn't pretty, it's okay now, but hopefully it'll grow in faster.

Today has been a better, sunnier day. Let's hope mother nature gives me a long break from a day like that again

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