Monday, March 1, 2010

Decorating Daydreaming

While I'm enjoying trying to add all these fun little touches (wall decor, pillows) to make our living room homey, I still hate our furniture. Literally, I despise our big ugly couch. I can't stand DH's tv stand from his bachelor days. So I've been fantasizing about my perfect living room furniture.

There's these couches that I adore. They're the perfect color, IMO for having kids, but still looking clean and grownup. I love the lines in it and the contrasting trim.

I think this tv cabinet is perfect too. From Target...

And I love the style of this cocktail table and matching end tables from Target, too.

I think that's it for the living room we have now. If I had a bigger livingroom, my dream living room, we'd need bookcases as well. But we don't. Here's hoping that next year we can do the living room up, I just have to talk the Hubby into getting rid of the ugly white couch.

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