Thursday, February 18, 2010

More burlap :)

I was inspired by this wreath here on Tatertots and Jello. I had a small foam wreath I picked up at the Dollar Tree.

I wrapped it in strips of burlap, securing it at the back with straight pins, I wanted to be able to take it apart if I didn't like it. Then I cut a different size circles of burlap and fabric and attach them using pearly headed straight pins.

Maybe I'll add more circle stacks, not sure just yet. I kind of like the simplicity of it. I created the tie by cutting a long strip of fabric, folding it in half right sides together and stitching down the long side. I flipped it right side out, closed up the ends by tucking them inside and stitching down, then wrapping around the top and tying it up.

I have it hung here for now, I may move it, depending on how much the kiddos try to play with it. And surprisingly, the Hubby likes it. Who knew?

Oh! And I hung up the wall decor from yesterdays post. I think I like them this way, but I want to kiddy corner my couch underneath them now. Hmmmm (excuse the mess, the little one is sleeping on the couch and I don't want to wake her by cleaning, at least, that's my excuse!)

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jenjen said...

Really cute! I love the fabric you used. And I like the simplicity of the design. Very nice!

Thanks for linking this up. I love it!


Tiff @ Making The World Cuter said...

Simple is beautiful!
Thanks for linking!