Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meet BeBe

Everyday, I pop in my blog, even if I haven't been posting on it, and I read through the blog roll on the right side there. I love seeing what all the talented people are doing in blog land. I LOVE seeing all the fun crafty things and especially adore cute tutorials.

And Tuesday, when I found this Ballerina Doll tutorial on Tiffany's blog, Making the World Cuter, I thought "self, you could totally do that!" and do that I did. Only not nearly as cute as Tiffany's but still I tried!

I decided to use some organic bamboo velour for the legs, arms, and head and flannel for the dress. I wanted the doll to be soft and cuddly. I followed the advice given in the tutorial to attach the head pieces to the dress pieces first. I have to admit now, I sort of had to do the whole thing from memory. My laptop was upstairs and I hadn't gone into my craft space with the intention of sewing. I just spur of the moment decided to go for it. So I topstitched it shut instead of doing right sides together.

I think it makes her look more homely haha but that's okay. I might go around and surge the edges or something, or I might leave them raw and let them get all frayed and soft. We'll see.

The little one loved her immediately. She said "I like it!" (woohoo a new sentence!) And then cuddled her up. She is learning body parts and made sure to show me the eyes, "mouf", head, arms, and "piggies" (feet). Pretty clever, my little one. She loved her so much, they fell asleep for a sweet little nap.

Of course, now I must make two more. The joys of having three little girls!!

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