Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dick & Jane Wall Art

I've been planning to put this together for about a week, and only just this morning got around to it. I'm feeling lazy.

Anyhoo. I love this Dick & Jane fabric. It's so fun and sweet, classic but new, at the same time. Someone dear to me is having a baby and I wanted to get started on making her some things. The gender isn't known yet so I figured this was neutral enough.

I started with these things - frame, fabric, staple gun, scissors, ribbon, and hot glue. I had already painted the frame and sanded it a little.

Stretch the fabric across the back, stapling the top, then the bottom, and finally the sides. I found this is the easiest way to get it from puckering.

When it was all stapled, it looked like this.

Then trim the excess fabric.

And Voila! Pretty yes? I was going to attach ribbon but decided I liked it without.

There you go :) Easy, pretty wall art. I'm going to put together a few more of these so it's not just one piece of the fabric.

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LuckyStarHeather said...

I like what I see, but I think your pictures are a bit too large, as they only show the left side of the picture...

The left side is SUPER cute though :)

-Heather @ Lucky Star Lane

Kristan said...

Hmm they show up just fine for me, it's special coding that automatically resizes it. I'll have to look into it.