Friday, February 26, 2010

Let's bring on spring - with a SALE!!

This New England weather is killing me.

It seems like one minute we have snow, the next sunshine, the next rain.

I can't take much more of it, especially after this last storm knocked out our power for a bit.

I know we're fortunate that our power came back on and we're all safe and sound. Some of our family and friends are still without power.

But we are New Englanders. We persevere. We stand our ground. And we urge Spring to come our way.

So please, sweet Spring, could you join us for a while? And invite your sister Summer to visit in a few months as well.

If you're looking for a little springtime cheer, head over to the shop where I'm holding an end of February, beginning of March, "Bring on Spring" sale. All hairbow holders are on sale 15% off, all hairbows are 10% off, and if you spend $25 or more in the shop, I'll refund your shipping!

Stay safe, stay warm, take care

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thrifty Finds

My girls and I went on a little bargain hunting adventure today. They had never been to Goodwill, and I hadn't been myself in quite a while. So I loaded them in the car and off we went. I wasn't in search of anything in particular, but I knew I wanted to focus on household items and decor.

I found this great apple shaped wire fruit basket (at least, I think that's what it is!) for $2.99. How fun is this? I now must go to the grocery store tomorrow and stock up on more fruit to fill it.

An then I found this lovely little dish. So pretty and creamy. She (yes, I've determined the bowl has a gender) was just $2.99 as well.

And at the beginning of last week I picked up these beauties on Craigslist. For $7.50 each. They're sturdy and beautiful. I've had DH hang one in our stairway and the other in the kitchen. He's going to paint them a dark black/brown. I think that little dish above will look fabulous on them when they're done.

We also swung by Target this afternoon to browse the clearance endcaps. I found that a lot of the linens, like table cloths, napkins, and curtains, were on clearance. I picked up to dark brown curtain panels for $1.98 each and some creamy sheers for $1.98 a pair. I didn't get a picture of them in the package because I already hung them up.

I think I want to go to the other Goodwill in our area tomorrow, and maybe the Target near the Hubby's work to see what other things I can find :)

Happy Sunday!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Crafting for a good cause

Hello world, I think it's time we had a little talk. I've posted before how I love to read through my blog roll on the right there, see what the crafty ladies of the blogosphere are up to each morning/afternoon/night. I get excited seeing what fun things they've created, learning about their lives, reading their recipes.

This morning, however, I had tugs on my heart and tears in my eyes when I found the post from Sachiko of Tea Rose Home. She linked to a post on I Make Stuff, Alida's blog. Alida revealed on her blog that she is an Iraq War widow. The picture of her handsome husband sent chills down my spine and made me want to call the Hubby and just say "I love you".

Alida has sent out a call for help to the crafty ladies of the world. She'd like us to create some handmade journals, the kind with covers that go over those black and white composition books you got in school. She read somewhere that journaling helps people who are grieving, and they are less likely to need depression medication. She posted a tutorial, that's very simple to follow and shouldn't take hardly any time at all. I just saw the comp books at Wally world for 75 cents.

Please ladies, check out her request and help out. I'm going to grab some journals tonight and get sewing. Will you?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More burlap :)

I was inspired by this wreath here on Tatertots and Jello. I had a small foam wreath I picked up at the Dollar Tree.

I wrapped it in strips of burlap, securing it at the back with straight pins, I wanted to be able to take it apart if I didn't like it. Then I cut a different size circles of burlap and fabric and attach them using pearly headed straight pins.

Maybe I'll add more circle stacks, not sure just yet. I kind of like the simplicity of it. I created the tie by cutting a long strip of fabric, folding it in half right sides together and stitching down the long side. I flipped it right side out, closed up the ends by tucking them inside and stitching down, then wrapping around the top and tying it up.

I have it hung here for now, I may move it, depending on how much the kiddos try to play with it. And surprisingly, the Hubby likes it. Who knew?

Oh! And I hung up the wall decor from yesterdays post. I think I like them this way, but I want to kiddy corner my couch underneath them now. Hmmmm (excuse the mess, the little one is sleeping on the couch and I don't want to wake her by cleaning, at least, that's my excuse!)

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Burlap wall decor

I'm sort of in the process of making our house a home. This is involving lots of wall decorating, because we have plain white walls - just boring to me.

My amazing Hubby stopped at the fabric store for me last night and picked up a yard of burlap for me. He's fantastic, yes?

I painted these frames the other day. They were an ugly orange-y stain before (sorry no picture of said ugly stain), and I used an oil rubbed bronze spray paint, which is probably my new favorite craft item.

I debated for a long time what to put in the frames. I searched the internet for different fabrics but had the hardest time. You see, I recently purchased these little wall decorations, and I wanted something that looked good with them (red, black, cream) but not too match-y.

I also wanted to try to tie in the pillows I made with Amy Butler fabric.

Finally I decided I'd give burlap a try. It's all over blogland and why not? It's fun stuff. So I used some Steam-a-Seam and attached some of the flowers from the AB fabric to the burlap. Then with the help of my trusty staple gun, I stretched the burlap across the back of the frame.

I think I like it. It's growing on me. I think I'll like them more when I hang them up. I just need to decide where to put 'em! (Obviously I won't leave them sitting on the back of the couch!)

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dick & Jane Wall Art

I've been planning to put this together for about a week, and only just this morning got around to it. I'm feeling lazy.

Anyhoo. I love this Dick & Jane fabric. It's so fun and sweet, classic but new, at the same time. Someone dear to me is having a baby and I wanted to get started on making her some things. The gender isn't known yet so I figured this was neutral enough.

I started with these things - frame, fabric, staple gun, scissors, ribbon, and hot glue. I had already painted the frame and sanded it a little.

Stretch the fabric across the back, stapling the top, then the bottom, and finally the sides. I found this is the easiest way to get it from puckering.

When it was all stapled, it looked like this.

Then trim the excess fabric.

And Voila! Pretty yes? I was going to attach ribbon but decided I liked it without.

There you go :) Easy, pretty wall art. I'm going to put together a few more of these so it's not just one piece of the fabric.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meet BeBe

Everyday, I pop in my blog, even if I haven't been posting on it, and I read through the blog roll on the right side there. I love seeing what all the talented people are doing in blog land. I LOVE seeing all the fun crafty things and especially adore cute tutorials.

And Tuesday, when I found this Ballerina Doll tutorial on Tiffany's blog, Making the World Cuter, I thought "self, you could totally do that!" and do that I did. Only not nearly as cute as Tiffany's but still I tried!

I decided to use some organic bamboo velour for the legs, arms, and head and flannel for the dress. I wanted the doll to be soft and cuddly. I followed the advice given in the tutorial to attach the head pieces to the dress pieces first. I have to admit now, I sort of had to do the whole thing from memory. My laptop was upstairs and I hadn't gone into my craft space with the intention of sewing. I just spur of the moment decided to go for it. So I topstitched it shut instead of doing right sides together.

I think it makes her look more homely haha but that's okay. I might go around and surge the edges or something, or I might leave them raw and let them get all frayed and soft. We'll see.

The little one loved her immediately. She said "I like it!" (woohoo a new sentence!) And then cuddled her up. She is learning body parts and made sure to show me the eyes, "mouf", head, arms, and "piggies" (feet). Pretty clever, my little one. She loved her so much, they fell asleep for a sweet little nap.

Of course, now I must make two more. The joys of having three little girls!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Handmade school Valentines

My oldest gets to have her first school party for Valentine's day. This is a big deal. As mentioned before, her preschool is non-denominational, and as such they don't have ANY holiday parties. The kindergarten is VERY into holidays.

We got the letter home saying she needed a decorated box to "receive" her valentine's in as well as 18 valentine's for her classmates. Using an old tissue box, some paint, glue, glitter, and foam stickers she created this:

Cute huh? I love that the inside is a shiny silver, almost like it knew it was going to be fancied up later in life.

And her invites:

We printed out heart shapes, cut them with pinking shears, and she wrote her name on them. In an effort to keep the party less chaotic, the teachers asked the little notes not be addressed to any person in particular, this way the kids can just put the valentine's in the others boxes and it'd go much smoother. Once she "decorated" the white parts we glued them onto construction paper squares. She stuck foam stickers on the backside and we glued tiny flower sequins to the fronts. I love them, don't you?

Her party is Monday so these are just waiting to go. I am excited for her, almost as excited as she is to have her first real school party.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Family life has been a bit hectic lately. The kids are gearing up for Valentine's and "Cube" parties, the hubby had his birthday, etc etc. (By the way a cube party is my middle's preschool's way of being non-denominational. So many kids, so many cultures. They'd rather celebrate other things - like bubbles and camping so that no one is left out, including kids who don't have holidays. So as the kids behave, they get cubes and at a certain point they "earn" a party. This is something we're incorporating at home now too.)

SO I haven't been around here. I haven't been too crafty lately either. What am I focusing on?

Lots of things.

1. The baby's birthday party. I made up the invitation a few weeks ago:

I used:
"Unforgettable" by Spinky Dink Scraps
"Mod boy" and "Mod Girl" by Tracie Stroud
Fonts - Prissy Frat Boy and Ribbon Happy

2. The baby's birthday dress. I've got a bunch of fabrics on the way including the following:

I'm not using all of these, just the top three and bottom one.
photo courtesy sewdeerlyloved on etsy

I'm going to use the "Claire" pattern hopefully, by Sandi Henderson.

3. I've been trying to make our house more of a "home", putting things on the walls, moving stuff around. Mostly in the kitchen and living room. My kitchen wall above the table now looks like this

Before it was just the two Partylite sconces, one slightly to the right and above the other. I think this is nice. Just maybe need to make something to hang on the hooks? Any ideas?

I'll post pics of the living room soon. I just need to find my camera cord.

4. Spending lots of quality time with the hubby and the girls. I took the middle and little one out to lunch yesterday. They picked Burger King, of all places. You should have seen how excited they were to go indoors and eat. I think we use the drive thru a bit too much...

Anyway, I've been busy crafting with the girls today. I'll have another post soon!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Hubby!

Yesterday, the Hubby turned a whopping 25! We celebrated with friends over the weekend. His favorite show is Top Gear, from the BBC. He's a car junkie and can't get enough of those guys. Our good friend Chris was pretty creative and had a photo of the Top Gear hosts turned into a birthday cake for Hubby.

He was absolutely impressed by it and didn't want to cut into the awesomeness. (Of course we did!)

Yesterday I took him cross country skiing. He loves the sport and has taken the time to teach me. I only fell twice this time. After that we went out for lunch and came home.

Needless to say I have not been crafting since the last post as we've been busy with birthday plans and events.

Happy Birthday Hubby! I love you!