Saturday, January 16, 2010

I made a top - without a pattern

I got an idea in my head and just had to try it out. I want to note here that I don't have a ballpoint needle on my machine, which I'm told would have made things easier. Also it would have been nice to use a serger, but I don't have access to one for another week or so, so I had to make do with my sewing machine.

I wanted to make a shirt that would look good alone in the summer, or layered over a tee when it's cooller, for my daughter. I had this knit fabric I picked up super cheap at JoAnn's when I worked there and figured I should put it to use.

First I cut two trapezoid shapes out. I used another one of her shirts to get the basic shape I wanted, and cut it a little longer. I also needed some pieces to make the straps. Ignore the 4 pieces here, I ended up cutting two pieces that were 3 inches by 7 inches.

Next I lettuce edged the hem. I accidentally figure out how to do this by zigzagging the edge and pulling from the front and back. I knew how to do it with a serger, but am thrilled I can basically do it with my sewing machine.

Once the edges were done, I cut curves out near the top to make room for underarms. Then I folded the sides in and stitched down.

To make the straps, I fold them in half lengthwise and stitched down the side. I tried to use 1/4" seams. I then turned them inside out.

I attached the straps to the right side of one of the sides of the shirt.

Then I flipped the piece over and folded down the top, then stitched across. After that, I flipped it over and stitched across the straps one more time to make sure they were nice and secure.

I did the same thing to the other side and it looked like this...

Next I pinned the to shirt pieces right sides together matching up the arm holes and hem. I stitched down the sides and flipped it right side out.

And the completed top! (with a matching tee underneath)

After I finished I decided I really want to make these with regular cotton fabric. I think that's what is on my agenda this weekend :) We'll see!


Bellamama said...

I love that fabric and the bottom of the shirt is adorable. Do you need a special machine for that?

Kristan said...

Nope! I set my machine to a zigzag stitch. Then as I pushed it through the machine I stretched the fabric from the back behind the foot and at the same time in front of the needle. I discovered it by accident! hehe

The Yorgason's said...

Great job! I just got into sewing! I will have to try this!

Kim -today's creative blog said...

Great job! It turned out so cute.
Thanks for linking up.

Heather@ said...

Well done!

Please feel free to link them up at Talented Tuesday on My Frugal Family!

Tiffany said...

Hey this is really cute! Thanks for the tutorial, linking back to me and for sharing! The fabric is really cute! You for sure made the world cuter!