Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Bring on 2010! Let me tell you, without too much gory detail, 2009 was a really rough year for us. The Hubby was laid off, not once, but TWICE. We had to move, sadly. We've spent several months battling colds, the flu, pneumonia even. Things just weren't going our way no matter how hard we worked to make things happen.

But now, it's a new year, a new decade. Things are looking brighter. We're not dwelling on the past, instead looking at what lies ahead and keeping faith that WE will make this a better year.

I don't typically do the resolutions thing. I really try not to set long term resolutions either, because that always seemed like setting yourself up for failure. But I really feel like I can do it this year. And so without further ado, here are some goals I've set for myself.

1. Regular date nights with hubby - being parents of three active little ones, we never seem to have enough time together. We've been aiming for monthly date nights in hopes that we'll actually do more but at least one night would be wonderful.

2. Regular "dates" with each girl one-on-one every month - whether it's going somewhere for lunch, a few hours of mama-and-me playtime uninterrupted, or whatever else they (reasonably) choose to do, I want to make sure my minis get plenty of mama time.

3. Finish some of my craft projects - and maybe start some of the ones I've been thinking about forever. I have fabric cut waiting to be sewn, patterns strewn about, ideas jotted down and pinned up. I want to hone my sewing skills and really get back into my scrapbooking.

4. Spend more time outdoors - I live in an amazing state. Even when it's bitter cold like it has been, even when nature dumps piles and piles of snow on us, like it will this weekend, it's still a beautiful place to live. I want to spend more time every day outside.

5. Drop soda - I have a serious addiction to soda. It's so bad. And actually I've done really well the last two months. I used to truly be addicted to Mountain Dew. I couldn't go a day without at least a bottle of it and sometimes that wasn't enough. I slowly worked on that and now can manage without it but I still love my soda. This one is going to be a hard goal to accomplish but I need to do it. I feel so unhealthy because of it.

6. Cook more - I'm a self-proclaimed not-so-good cook. I can make breakfast like nobody's business, bake pretty well, but when it comes to meals, such as, oh..dinner! I fumble, I slip up. I boil pots of water till there's no water left *Yes, I have done this, I'm ashamed to say* I'm learning though. The Hubby works a lot of hours and we eat too late if I wait for him to arrive home. Maybe I'll post my weekly menu, links to recipes, that might keep me going? We'll think on that...

7. Project 365 - Have you heard of this? You take at least one picture everyday, then post it. On a photosharing account, on a website, a blog. My P365 blog is located at (I know - original, right?) Feel free to check it out anytime! And join us! There's a lot of people (millions? maybe?) getting in on the p365 action!

Well that's it, for now. I don't know that I could handle more than that but we'll see! Take care and Happy New Year to you and yours!

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