Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lovin' on Etsy #2

*I think I like doing this lovin' on etsy thing. So we're keeping up with it this Sunday too*

1. Snow White Scarf by KitFig

2. Adult Size Cloche Hat with Removable Flower- Avocado Green and Black by MelsBellsClocheHats

3. Berry Stripes Cabled Wristwarmers by funkisockmunki

4. Headwrap - Salt and Pepper by scarfcity

I have the hardest time buying things for me. I think that's something that comes with being a mama. But it is nice to look. We've had some pretty chilly weather here lately and so I've been browsing, looking for cute and warm knitted things. Those wristwarmers would be perfect for when I'm on my laptop. And I'm in love with the idea of a white cable knit scarf. How cute would that one be with that headwarmer? And I have to say that I love the avocado green in that hat. I'm not typically a green fan but that color I love.

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