Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm terrible

I know. I'm a terrible, terrible blogger. I just, get busy. And I'm addicted to facebook. Everyone I know (nearly) is on FB. So I keep updating on there and then I feel redundant when I come along to here. Not to mention between myself and my girls, someone has constantly been sick. Mostly me. Including today. So please, please excuse me, if you happen to follow my blog, for the delay.

Anyway! So I've been busy with different craftiness over the past couple months.
I have:

Made some bowholders and bows for some wonderful ladies:

And a few iSpy bags:

The iSpy bags are so fun. You push the pellets around until you find the items inside by bringing them up to the vinyl window. These are double stitched and reinforced as much as possible. I tossed these around my house with the hubby to make sure they wouldn't bust open.

I also made a gift for my sister (which I cannot post until after the holidays), a couple tote bags for my girls, chalk mats, and about a half dozen crayon rolls. I need to get pictures of the girls things up here. I keep losing either my camera or my camera cord, which really puts a damper on posting pictures doesn't it?

And so I'm going to leave you, I will be back, I don't know when but it'll be soon!

For now, here's a picture of my ladies, all dressed up in an attempt to get a good holiday picture.

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