Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Decorating

I love decorating for Christmas. Pulling out all the things we've been collecting over the last 5 years, seeing things we've made or the kids have made, it makes me happy.

We don't have much in the way of decorations just now. Mostly we have inherited things from the inlaws, received gifts from friends, or made and purchased them on our own.

This is pretty much the gist of what we have.

Our (fake) tree. We can't have a real one in our townhouse, so we make do with this. The balls are blue and silver and they're SUPPOSED to be shatterproof (my 20 month old has proved they are not, as we're now down to 10 or so balls). There's my hubby's Hallmark Crayola ornaments on there too. These were his growing up. He got a new one every year. We have a few other ornaments, the girls' first ornaments (Lilly doesn't have one, hers broke :( so sad!), a family one, a military one from when Hubby was in the Army. Some paper ones the girls have made, along with playdough ornaments we made in 2008.

The stockings are handmade. My mother in law made Hubby's when he was younger and then she made one for me that "sort of" matches. The girls each have those large quilted stockings. I helped with this one, cutting and ironing and steam-a-seaming the different appliques. I love them.

The santa was a handmedown from my mother in law, as was that little basket thing. The gold tree I found somewhere, the candle holder was on the table at my stepsisters wedding, and the frame was a gift last year from Hubby's grandmother.

That's pretty much it. We did get a cute snowman figurine, a candle, some holiday kitchen towels, and a snowman on a metal star from my secret santa on BAM but they weren't here when I took these pics.

I can't wait for the post-holiday sales. I'm hoping to scoop up some cute decor for next year at a good price (and maybe replace some of those broken ornaments too).

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kirstin & jordan said...

I love it that your stockings are all handmade!
And my 18 month old has proved to be quite the challenger for the ol' Christmas tree... at any given point, there is a big blank spot in the middle near the bottom and assorted ornaments strewn throughout the house. :)
Thanks for stopping by at kojo... so fun to *meet* you over the internet. :)