Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's been a while but!!!!

I have some news! I opened an etsy shop!! You can find it here. It's still a bit rough around the edges, and I'm learning the site and how it all works so bear with me while I perform opening maintenance. :)

I'm running a sale right now - 10% off all bow holders, orders over $25 ship free, and a free set of clippies with every order. I'm working on some items to have "in stock" along with the custom listings. Hopefully everything should be looking a bit better by this time next week.

Among other news, I'm still waiting on my camera. It arrived and then we found it was still broken so off it went to Geek Squad who shipped it off again to Canon. I'm so sad without my camera. I've had to use the cellphone and it just not do anything justice with the lack of flash and proper camera functions.

I did manage to get the pictures of my beautiful oldest daughter's birthday party off of the memory card before we sent the camera itself back out for repairs.

The birthday girl, waiting for the party to start:

My middle child, reluctantly posing. Recognize the skirt? And the crown?

See this guy? My handsome nephew Braedyn. I love him and I miss him and cannot wait to see him this Christmas. He makes a handsome prince, no?

The castle pinata that would never break. Hubby worked so hard on this and only ONE kiddo (a 4 year old) was able to make a puncture in it. Eventually it fell down and the (40 pounds of) candy was dumped out for the kids to attack and devour.

Lastly, the 48 cupcakes I slaved over the morning of to complete. They had pink and purple centers and magenta frosting that I colored with food coloring. The 9ish year old boys were really excited to see who got what color cupcakes. Seriously. They were having a competition.

So that's about it. I'll have pictures of things I've been working on soon. I'm going to really work on staying focused on the blog and updating as I get things done. I'll try. Really, I will.

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