Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's a brand new (evening)

I'm so overwhelmed. I have so much to get done for my oldest's birthday party. She turns 5 tomorrow (!!!!) and her party is Saturday. We're sort of running with a homemade fairytale theme.

I stumbled across this great tutorial for making crowns at Balancing Everything. I thought to myself "Self, you can totally make those!" And ran out to buy 5 yards of felt in bright fun colors.
Here's the littlest modeling one of the first ones:

I got a whopping 6 done in one night and since then have lost my motivation. I needed to make about 20 more (well a few less but it never hurts to have extras). So today I whined (yes, I'm such a baby) to hubby that things weren't even close to being finished and he sent me downstairs to make more while he tended to our flock, I mean, children. The crowns are all slightly different, and they're all reversible, which will be fun for the kids. I'm glad we went with these instead of cheesy party hats but MAN! The work! The hours! Okay...I'm being dramatic.

Beyond the birthday stuff I've been sewing for others. I made 20 girly washcloths for a sweet lady that's thrilled to be having a baby girl after a couple boys.

and to go along with them, some korkers and clippies. I hope she loves all the girly goodness after being surrounded in a sea of blue and green!

And finally,
Frugal Family Fun Blog is hosting a fun giveaway sponsored by, who features more than just furniture (with items from kids chairs to toys and games). Giveaway ends Saturday, September 26th!

Now I need to stop stalling and get back to work. We've got to finish these crowns and put together a castle pinata which is proving to be just as big a task as the crowns!

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Valerie said...

Thanks so much for the link! The birthday crown looks amazing! You have been so busy!!

khara k said...

I also want to thank you for the link! My name is Khara and I work for CSN If you are interested in hosting your own giveaway or review, feel free to contact me!

KKrawczyk @ csnstores dot com