Monday, September 7, 2009

I think I've got it!

My sister and I accomplished something big this weekend. We made a comforter for her to use in her dorm room. She fell in love with some rainbow hearts sweatshirt material I had lying around (begging to be used in my stash). She practically assaulted me asking for me to make her a blanket. We went to Joann's this Friday and got a ton of flannel (ie, 8 yards total) which was great because it was buy one yard, get one free on their cozy flannel solids (hooray for labor day sales!) and some batting and went to town.

We spent 30 minutes developing a "pattern" or as I've now dubbed it "plan of action". Hearts in the middle, red on the the sides for the front - blue in the middle, orange on the sides for the underside. We used both the sewing machine and the serger to ensure it was nice and secure. I'm pretty darn proud. It needs some more quilting to keep the batting from moving around but she'll be home again before it's time to wash it I'm sure and I'll get that taken care of in a jiffy.


She's so thrilled (orange is her favorite color, FYI)

And to see both sides...

This monster is pretty heavy. My mom was concerned she wouldn't be warm enough but I'm not worried at all. I also whipped up a pillowcase to match (it's reversible - one side red, the other orange). I'm hoping she'll email me a pic of it all set up in her room so I can post it here.

In other news, I found this great doll on Craigslist for $15. It's an American Girl doll. I'm pretty sure she's Samantha, who was retired and is worth a lot of money (!!!) but we're giving her to C.J. who has wanted one because Brie has one for quite some time.

Isn't she gorgeous? The ad showed a naked doll but she came in this great little dress, with bloomers and an underdress too.

And with her new best friend, Brie's doll "Sara". We're having a hard time coming up with a name for the newbie. I keep suggesting Sam or Samantha. It's a no-go.

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Kasie said...

She looks sooo happy. LOL

I love the heart material. Can't wait to see it on her bed.