Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Creativity without a home...

Our water heater busted on Sunday. We woke up to a flooded basement. Sadly a few of the girls larger wooden toys were water logged, as was a cabinet of mine among other things. Luckily it's all cleaned up, drained, and the heater was replaced today so we now have hot water again (you have no idea how sad I was when I learned I could not give nor take a bath).

You might recall my crafting area was in the basement. Thankfully nothing major was lost to the water, I did lose some scrapbooking supplies but nothing that can't be replaced.

Right now our basement looks like a basement. Things are stacked and moved and I don't have a craft space set up at the moment. I have to say it's really annoying. I keep thinking "Oh I can go make...oh no I can't". Not to mention we stored my fabric and ribbon in our bedroom. I keep finding long lengths of ribbon strung from my room to the girls' room. Ah the adventures of being a toddler mommy!

Since I can't sew, I'm "window shopping" online. Some things I'm in love with:

This and That From Japan at Etsy

How yummy is this shop? I especially love this Riding Hood print, and this toadstool print.

And Kasie happened to link me to Fat Quarter Shop And of course now I'm drooling over just about everything they have.


Girl Animal Party I mean seriously, how fun is this? It would be perfect for some tiered twirly skirts for the little girls!

Along with this...

Be Merry
I would love to make some fun stockings, some twirly skirties, some stuffies. The possibilities are endless!

Not to mention I'd love to get these ones to make these Rag Quilt Letters.
Love U
On The Go

I love the tutorial that Jessica of Happy Together posted on her blog. I think I want to make these for my girls for Christmas instead of the felt ones.

Ah! I probably should stop browsing before I accidentally click "Buy" haha. Hubby would not be thrilled with me at all.

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