Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's a brand new (evening)

I'm so overwhelmed. I have so much to get done for my oldest's birthday party. She turns 5 tomorrow (!!!!) and her party is Saturday. We're sort of running with a homemade fairytale theme.

I stumbled across this great tutorial for making crowns at Balancing Everything. I thought to myself "Self, you can totally make those!" And ran out to buy 5 yards of felt in bright fun colors.
Here's the littlest modeling one of the first ones:

I got a whopping 6 done in one night and since then have lost my motivation. I needed to make about 20 more (well a few less but it never hurts to have extras). So today I whined (yes, I'm such a baby) to hubby that things weren't even close to being finished and he sent me downstairs to make more while he tended to our flock, I mean, children. The crowns are all slightly different, and they're all reversible, which will be fun for the kids. I'm glad we went with these instead of cheesy party hats but MAN! The work! The hours! Okay...I'm being dramatic.

Beyond the birthday stuff I've been sewing for others. I made 20 girly washcloths for a sweet lady that's thrilled to be having a baby girl after a couple boys.

and to go along with them, some korkers and clippies. I hope she loves all the girly goodness after being surrounded in a sea of blue and green!

And finally,
Frugal Family Fun Blog is hosting a fun giveaway sponsored by, who features more than just furniture (with items from kids chairs to toys and games). Giveaway ends Saturday, September 26th!

Now I need to stop stalling and get back to work. We've got to finish these crowns and put together a castle pinata which is proving to be just as big a task as the crowns!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hippos, blankies, and bugs - oh my!

My middle daughter had her orientation for preschool yesterday. This weekend I worked hard to put together a cute skirt from some yummy Ikea barnslig fabric. Cay loves hippos. We read books about hippos every day and she talks about them often. I think the word "hippopotamus" just sounds fun to a three year old. And of course her favorite color is green so what better way to combine the two than in this fun skirt? When I was all finished I realized I had tons of scraps and a bunch of fabric left over so I whipped up this headband using the ten minute tutorial that I used for the doll headband. She looked adorable, don't you think?

My silly little preschooler, can't help but be a supermodel somedays!

Last night I was feeling a little down. I had everything ready to put together Brianna's birthday dress and realized I needed interfacing. Not wanting to go out yet again, I decided to work on something else and save the dress for today (or this weekend, hopefully no later than this weekend). In the end I put together this simple comforter for the baby. It's made with Bubble Gum Giraffe knit interlock, batting, and on the reverse - I repurposed a white and polka dot sheet I found at the thrift store for just a couple dollars. It was full size and the polka dots match the ones on the giraffe fabric perfectly. I'm still new to the whole sewing on stretchy fabrics process so the knit bunched and puckered when I was stitching across at the end to hold the batting in place, but for a 17.5 month old little girl, I think it came out okay, yeah?

Any other mom's out there have little girls that love bugs? My big girls are fascinated by caterpillars at the moment. Brianna is learning about butterflies and everything that comes with them or is connected to them and she's passing that knowledge down to Caylee. Last night they found a fuzzy caterpillar on our back steps and had to set him (or her?) free in the yard.

Thank you for looking!! Please come back by soon!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Creativity without a home...

Our water heater busted on Sunday. We woke up to a flooded basement. Sadly a few of the girls larger wooden toys were water logged, as was a cabinet of mine among other things. Luckily it's all cleaned up, drained, and the heater was replaced today so we now have hot water again (you have no idea how sad I was when I learned I could not give nor take a bath).

You might recall my crafting area was in the basement. Thankfully nothing major was lost to the water, I did lose some scrapbooking supplies but nothing that can't be replaced.

Right now our basement looks like a basement. Things are stacked and moved and I don't have a craft space set up at the moment. I have to say it's really annoying. I keep thinking "Oh I can go make...oh no I can't". Not to mention we stored my fabric and ribbon in our bedroom. I keep finding long lengths of ribbon strung from my room to the girls' room. Ah the adventures of being a toddler mommy!

Since I can't sew, I'm "window shopping" online. Some things I'm in love with:

This and That From Japan at Etsy

How yummy is this shop? I especially love this Riding Hood print, and this toadstool print.

And Kasie happened to link me to Fat Quarter Shop And of course now I'm drooling over just about everything they have.


Girl Animal Party I mean seriously, how fun is this? It would be perfect for some tiered twirly skirts for the little girls!

Along with this...

Be Merry
I would love to make some fun stockings, some twirly skirties, some stuffies. The possibilities are endless!

Not to mention I'd love to get these ones to make these Rag Quilt Letters.
Love U
On The Go

I love the tutorial that Jessica of Happy Together posted on her blog. I think I want to make these for my girls for Christmas instead of the felt ones.

Ah! I probably should stop browsing before I accidentally click "Buy" haha. Hubby would not be thrilled with me at all.

Monday, September 7, 2009

I think I've got it!

My sister and I accomplished something big this weekend. We made a comforter for her to use in her dorm room. She fell in love with some rainbow hearts sweatshirt material I had lying around (begging to be used in my stash). She practically assaulted me asking for me to make her a blanket. We went to Joann's this Friday and got a ton of flannel (ie, 8 yards total) which was great because it was buy one yard, get one free on their cozy flannel solids (hooray for labor day sales!) and some batting and went to town.

We spent 30 minutes developing a "pattern" or as I've now dubbed it "plan of action". Hearts in the middle, red on the the sides for the front - blue in the middle, orange on the sides for the underside. We used both the sewing machine and the serger to ensure it was nice and secure. I'm pretty darn proud. It needs some more quilting to keep the batting from moving around but she'll be home again before it's time to wash it I'm sure and I'll get that taken care of in a jiffy.


She's so thrilled (orange is her favorite color, FYI)

And to see both sides...

This monster is pretty heavy. My mom was concerned she wouldn't be warm enough but I'm not worried at all. I also whipped up a pillowcase to match (it's reversible - one side red, the other orange). I'm hoping she'll email me a pic of it all set up in her room so I can post it here.

In other news, I found this great doll on Craigslist for $15. It's an American Girl doll. I'm pretty sure she's Samantha, who was retired and is worth a lot of money (!!!) but we're giving her to C.J. who has wanted one because Brie has one for quite some time.

Isn't she gorgeous? The ad showed a naked doll but she came in this great little dress, with bloomers and an underdress too.

And with her new best friend, Brie's doll "Sara". We're having a hard time coming up with a name for the newbie. I keep suggesting Sam or Samantha. It's a no-go.

Friday, September 4, 2009

School days and an outfit to boot!

My oldest has started Kindergarten! Her first day was Wednesday and it was bittersweet. I cannot believe she's growing up that fast! It feels like I just had her yesterday, not nearly 5 years ago. So far she's doing well. A little shy but enjoying it. She loves recess, of course, and really likes when they read books. I wish I had taken a picture of her face when she told me they went to the LIBRARY! You'd have thought she said they went to the biggest toy store in the world! Haha! That's my girl, loves books!

Here she is on her first day of school:

I had wanted to make her this skirt and shirt for the first day of school, but I wasn't feeling well and didn't finish it till last night. It's my first real sewing, the first things I made that I'm proud of. The tiered skirt was hard. I used this tutorial for the skirt. The applique was just something simple to dress up an older shirt we had that matched the pink in the skirt. I used steam a seam stuff and then stitched over the edges. What do you think? Not bad right?

The top

The skirt

Action shot this morning

Thanks for checking it out :) I hope you have a great weekend!