Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh so busy, always!

It seems I never have a minute to myself these days. We had family up from Florida which was great! I got to see my dad, whom I have missed dearly since his move to FL in Dec 2007. I also got to spend some time with my handsome nephew, who was born May 25th. He's adorable and I was thrilled to babysit him for a while last night while my sister spent time with my parents. Adorable yes? I just love him!

I also had the pleasure of attending my step-sisters wedding. She made such a beautiful bride, of course she's gorgeous anyway, but that dress was perfect for her.

And in between, I've been working like crazy on an assortment of bows, a bow holder, and just other craftiness.

I'm trying to make the girls some framed wall art but struggling to find just the perfect elements to center on this background I've made up

If anyone has any ideas on where to find some sweet felt or other "touchable" digiscrap elements in the shape of say, a tree, a little house, a bird, those sorts of things, I'd appreciate it!

Some bows for some sweet ladies:

And a bow holder and korker pair for a really nice mama:
The bow holder is more of a light green, not so limey, but the lighting in my kitchen on a thunderstormy day is not so great!

I'm also very excited because my mother in law has offered me the use of her serger! I am going to pick it up on Saturday at a cookout at her house and will hopefully get a lot of stuff done with it! And hopefully I will be getting my new sewing machine the following Monday (my birthday!).

Speaking of my birthday, be sure to stop by, I will hopefully have something fun cooked up for you!

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Kasie said...

I'm jealous I want a serger!! aaah