Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm still learning

I've been working hard getting used to my new sewing machine. It's been a love hate relationship because I get too excited and tend to forget that when I switch the stitch type I need to adjust stitch length and tension. But I'm getting better. pieces are coming out funny. I'm not very good at reading patterns. I get irritated with them. I wish someone would come stand by me and help me figure them out.

I decided to forgo a pattern for a minute and throw together a pillowcase dress for "Sara", my oldest's American Girl doll. It's not great, but my daughter doesn't seem to care.

And here's where I started to use a pattern. The top got all bunched up in the back. I couldn't figure out the yoke and straps (because it did not make sense to me in the pattern), so I'm not pleased with that. Then the bottoms....oh the bottoms. The pattern has you stitch the center seams on the front and back on the OUTSIDE of the fabric. It looks weird, but it doesn't seem like it would work right with the stitch on the inside either, so no choice but to go with it. I got them just about done, went to hem the bottoms and stitched the legs shut! Haha - lovely! I don't have a seam ripper nor did I feel like picking those tiny stitches out. So I just cut them and cropped them. Made the hem and was like "Well these actually came out okay"

Then I decided to add a ruffly thing to the hem and screwed them all up. *banghead* Hubby says they look okay and that our daughter won't care. We'll see. I whipped up a mini headband for her using this tutorial.

I think I'm actually going to make a bunch of these headbands for myself and my girls. They are SO easy!!

And because I always have some to show you, more bows:

I'm sick today :( But hopefully I'll get some stuff done. Hope you're having a great day!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A fortune cookie

Last night my hubby's friend treated us to Chinese food for dinner. He spends so many evenings visiting with us and joining us for dinner, it was nice of him to provide the meal this once. After we finished eating, he passed out our fortune cookies. Their's were silly, I can't even remember what they said. But mine...mine was perfect.

"Consume less. Share more. Enjoy life."

How sweet is that? I want to print that up and frame it to hang up in my craft space.

Speaking of my craft space, I haven't been spending much time there. I made a promise to myself today to get back down there tomorrow and get some sewing done.

But I have finished up some crafts. For your viewing pleaseure, pictures of the things I've made lately.

The korker bows from the giveaway (I have to get pictures of the clippies, my battery died after I got these all taken). I sure hope Amanda's nieces love them!

Some more korkers I made for sales and trades:

The pj pants I was talking about in my last post. I'm so sad about these. I really need more practice with waistbands if I ever want to make the yummy ooga booga ones for the girls before Christmas.

In this picture - the yummy bamboo velour pillowcase and some washcloths (flannel/flannel apples, OBV/flannel birds)

Some things for the girls - the dolly blanket, 2 skirts for my oldest's American Girl doll, and a tutu for the doll as well (We call her "Sara"). There's also a felt egg and a little stuffie I made for my middle child. The egg is a bit plump, I think I need to try laying quilter's batting inside instead of stuffing it next time.

And just for fun, a picture of my littlest one. We had to switch her to a big girl bed two nights ago because she keeps attempting to climb out of her crib and thus getting her chunky little thighs stuck. It's hard to believe she's almost 17 months, I'm having trouble dealing with her growing up. I just wish she'd stay this little and fun forever

And a little updating on my Christmas list. I decided I want to make my nephew some cloth blocks. My brother in law is in the air force, so I'm in search of some cute airplane fabric. Something bubbly and cute, but not cheesy, you know what I mean? It'd be nice to use different texture fabrics, maybe some ribbon for fun/teething/baby delight.

I also thought it'd be nice to make a little lap quilt for my Gram, maybe one for my Nana too. It depends on how much I get done, and how comfortable I feel with my sewing. I'd probably machine quilt them because I don't have the patience for hand quilting. Many props to you hand quilters!

And that's about it :) Thank you for stopping by (Kasie!!) I hope you liked what you saw!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And the winners are...

For some reason several people were unable to enter a comment on the blog :( I feel so sad about that but they were able to post on my facebook page. I think the problem was in a mixup at the "Post a Comment" and the "Post Comments (Atom)" links. I'm going to copy and paste them here, assigning them each a number, based on the order of their post:

(4) Lise Z. - Happy Happy Birthday to US. Hoping you have a great day and enjoy being 26 today and all year long. I'll enjoy 49 cause next birthday it's half a century a real milestone.

(5) Jessica K - happy birthday!

(6) Rhonda - Happy Birthday Kristan. I hope you have a marvelous day!

(7) Katie H - Hope you are having a wonderful day!!!! Maybe the kiddo's and Daddy will make you a special cake for desert tonight :)

Here are our winners for the korker bows and clippies giveaways, using a random number generator found here

The winner of the korker hairbows is

Amandaxo who said
"Happy Birthday hot mama!!!And guess what?! Now, I can enter since I have 2 little girls in my house ;-) hehe"

And the winner of the clippies sets is

Andrea who said, among other things,
"I would love to be entered to win your bows! I saw your post on ds and the ones you showed on there are adorable!!"

Congratulations ladies! I'll be contacting you both to get your mailing information.

I'm sure this won't be my only giveaway. It was fun making these without knowing who they would go to. Just in time for back to school too!

And onto other things, I've finally got use of my mother-in-law's serger machine. I'm so excited to play with it. In getting used to it, I've made one dolly blanket for my oldest along with two matching wash cloths (though she's deemed these to be mini-blankets for her barbies and polly pockets). I also made a scrumptiously soft pillowcase out of organic bamboo velour. I'm going to make at least three of these and possibly dye and applique them, one for each of my girls. Not too sure on the dying part as the natural color just looks so clean, but their room is white and the natural sort of clashes with that.

The last item I made is a pair of flannel pajama pants. They came out very nice considering the only other item of clothing I have ever made is this pillowcase dress, which really ended up as a pillowcase shirt for my middle daughter (my youngest has since acquired it and it's definitely a dress on her)

Anyway, about the flannel pants. Well I made the waistband too small to let the elastic actually stretch so they're too small for my oldest in that respect. They fit Caylee, but they're much too long. The lesson I learned? Make the waistband at least a few inches bigger than the waist should be in order to allow for stretchiness.

I do have to take pictures, I'll add them to the post later on tonight.

Thank you for looking!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy birthday

Today is my birthday! 26 years ago today, at 1:41am, my parents delivered their first born (me) and thus began, well, my life. Now I'm on the downward end of my twenties, headed steadily toward 30 and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I'm sure as the big 3-0 nears I'll feel a bit more anxious, but for now, things are well. I think I've done okay for myself. I've done a bit of traveling (granted just the eastern half of the United States, and most of that by plane). I have a college education, of which I am really proud. I worked HARD for that degree! I have the love of my life as my husband and the best little girls in the world get to call me mama. How amazing is that?

So to celebrate my happiness and my birthday, I'm doing a little giveaway.
Presents? For you? Why yes! Of course! I'm going to pick two winners and all you have to do is post a comment including a way to contact you.

Now you're wondering, what exactly are you entering to win? Well, bows and clippies of course!! One winner will receive a set of 6 korker style hairbows - one each of red, yellow, green, blues, purples, and pinks. The second winner will receive 6 pairs of clippies in a the above colors as well. I will choose winners via a random number generator and contact you to get your mailing information.

I hope you enjoy your lovely August 17th, I sure will! Good luck!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Picture this:

My youngest at about 13 mos. Proof that even baldies can wear bows :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh so busy, always!

It seems I never have a minute to myself these days. We had family up from Florida which was great! I got to see my dad, whom I have missed dearly since his move to FL in Dec 2007. I also got to spend some time with my handsome nephew, who was born May 25th. He's adorable and I was thrilled to babysit him for a while last night while my sister spent time with my parents. Adorable yes? I just love him!

I also had the pleasure of attending my step-sisters wedding. She made such a beautiful bride, of course she's gorgeous anyway, but that dress was perfect for her.

And in between, I've been working like crazy on an assortment of bows, a bow holder, and just other craftiness.

I'm trying to make the girls some framed wall art but struggling to find just the perfect elements to center on this background I've made up

If anyone has any ideas on where to find some sweet felt or other "touchable" digiscrap elements in the shape of say, a tree, a little house, a bird, those sorts of things, I'd appreciate it!

Some bows for some sweet ladies:

And a bow holder and korker pair for a really nice mama:
The bow holder is more of a light green, not so limey, but the lighting in my kitchen on a thunderstormy day is not so great!

I'm also very excited because my mother in law has offered me the use of her serger! I am going to pick it up on Saturday at a cookout at her house and will hopefully get a lot of stuff done with it! And hopefully I will be getting my new sewing machine the following Monday (my birthday!).

Speaking of my birthday, be sure to stop by, I will hopefully have something fun cooked up for you!