Saturday, July 11, 2009

Glorious Saturdays

I am in love with Saturdays. For the most part, they are peaceful. We have family time, we have playtime, the adults might even get alone time. Today, well today was a fairly decent Saturday. We spent the morning in bed. *sigh* It felt good to sleep in after being up at 6 most days this week. Rolling out of bed at 10 was pretty darn amazing. My mother-in-law and hubby's youngest sister stopped by for a bit of barbecue lunch. Nothing says summertime weekend like lunch on the grill. Mmm. Of course the girls were thrilled to see their Nana and Auntie.

After they left, Ian went on upstairs to take a nap, the baby went down for a nap of her own, and the big girls and I played in the playroom and my craft space for quite a while. It was just one of those wonderful days. Everyone was relaxed and having fun. Nothing was cuter than after dinner when the five of us spent a couple hours in the cool basement playing. Watching Ian and Brianna play legos was probably my favorite part of the evening. I managed to make some more bows and the little girls played "house" while intermittantly harassing Daddy and Brianna.

And since I'm supposed to be crafty, here are some more new bows! These were made for another diaperswappers mama, color combos specifically requested by her. I think they came out great. I love making these. And I'm working on a fun new bow that I'll be showing off in the near future.

Saturday is almost over and I really should sleep but I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and many happy Saturdays to you as well!


Val said...

love those bows Kristan. I think Kayleigh needs some!

Kristan said...

Thanks Val! :) You just let me know ;)