Monday, July 20, 2009

Another tutu bow holder, and a "lei-out"

Here is yet another bow holder! I'm really having fun making these although laying out the tulle drives me nuts. It takes forever to get it just right, even not too messy, poofy etc. This was done for a diaper swappers mama, she is saving it to give her daughter for her birthday. I hope she loves it :)

And I did a second "Lei-out" at, for the July Island Manuscript challenge. We were given a certain handwriting font to use, and were supposed to only use that font for the whole page. My sister had asked me to make a page for her of her family. They're a military family, my Brother in law is in the airforce, so I thought this great kit "Star Spangled" by geniaBeana would work perfectly.

Font - Hannah's Happy Handwriting

Hope you enjoyed looking! I'm going to be working on some sewing projects in the near future and will post pics as soon as I have projects completed!

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