Sunday, April 19, 2009

A layout, and an example of what I learned

Ah, lovely Sunday. My hubby was home all day and I got to relax, for most of the day. My oldest was a bit of a whiner and a little needy, she kept falling down outside and getting dirty or scraping herself up. The baby took a long nap and my 2-nearly-3-yr-old was the easiest one to handle all day.

I managed to get a LO done for a Roadmap to Scrap for SM. I had started it last night using a template only for GIMP to lose it on me :-(. I had saved it and everything and in an effort to reopen it, found the entire thing to be one giant pink and green smear. *sigh* So I gave up for the night and started again today. Between doing laundry and taking care of the girls it took me about 5 hours. FIVE!! Gasp! Well, that's what happens when you've barely had any experience with a template. I'm hoping my next one will be smoother ;)

Here were the instructions for the scrap:
1.The main objective of this page is to use blocking. Either make your own, or use a template, but I would like to see AT LEAST 4 ‘squarish’ blocks on your page.

2. Use 4 or more papers, no less!

3. Use as many pictures as you like. You may clip photos to your blocks instead of papers.

4. Use a frame somewhere on your layout.

5. Put something subtle behind your blocking. Either a stamp or a faded wordart, or a blended element.

6. Use an alpha, but only for one single letter. This could mean the first letter of someone’s name. Or it could be the first letter of your title, and the rest you use a font. (example: the title ‘Princess’ would use an alpha for the letter ‘P’ and ‘rincess’ would be typed up with a font)

7. Use some sort of adhesive (stitch, staple, tape, etc.) to hold up some of your blocking.

And here's my layout:

Page kit and alpha - "Spring Bloom" WM [squared] Designs
Font - Missed Your Exit
Template - Kaelira's Digiscraps "Template 21"

I'm hoping to work on some more LOs tonight as the older girls have gone to a sleepover at Grammy's and the baby goes to bed at 6:30/7 on Sundays! Woohoo!

And lastly, this is my first ever digiscrap element I made. Actually, it's the only one I've ever made haha but I'm learning. Maybe someday soon I'll have something you can actually DL and use. Trust me this isn't great, although if I had placed a DS behind it before uploading it to my photobucket you might think it was neat-o.

Stop by again soon!!


Val said...

Good Job :)

Sara said...

Very cute! Aw, you used my template! I love what you did with it:D