Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I was going out of my mind!

Scrapmatters has been busy upgrading and moving things around (I guess, switching servers) and as such, the site has been "down" for most of the day yesterday and today. I was so sad and frantic! I wanted to do challenges, I wanted to upload LO's to my gallery. And I couldn't *tear*!! But finally it was up and I got on to do the Grand Theft LO challenge for April 22nd.

We scraplifted from Linz's gallery and I chose this one:

and came up with this:
Tracie Stroud "Mod Girl"
Font - Missed your exit, Arial bold

Yes, another Tracie Stroud kit. I think I'm in love with Tracie's stuff! I got both the Mod Girl AND the Mod Boy kits. I figured I could find a way to make the boy one work, even if it means some boyish LOs for the girls.

Speaking of the girls, we had some gorgeous weather up here this past weekend and the last two days. We're in the midst of moving and don't want to set up our inflatable pool so I filled up the girls turtle sandbox with water instead and let them go to town. That's where that photo came from ;) Gotta love warm days!

Remember to stop by the end of this week to snag your blog train freebie!

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erin said...

that is such a precious picture! :)