Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blog train!!

Hello!! I'm so excited about this post as it's my first one that includes something for YOU to DOWNLOAD!! The ladies at BAM put together a blog train of freebies for you based on this pallette! It's perfect for all those fun spring photos, Easter photos, baby photos and more!!

Here's my portion, I hope you like it as it's my very first mini kit!! Click on the preview to download.

I know a lot of the others are coming up with add-ons and more so be sure to check back to see what else is in store for you! Also, some of the ladies live in different timezones so if they're not up yet, check back as they'll all be up soon!

BAM Color Challenge Blog Train #2!!

Kaelira's Digiscraps

geniaBeana Scraps
Digital Designs by Me
Creatively Mom <--- you are here!
Creativity Meets Girl
Scrap It Simply
Kimi's Kreations

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's super late but....

I've been inspired! I was getting clothes all put away tonight and realized I'm just in love with the color combo on one of my dresses. So I've decided to put together a small kit! I'll be working on it through the rest of the week and hopefully have it up this weekend as a nice little freebie!
These are the colors, what do you think?

Anyway, I must head to bed but I just had to share!

I was going out of my mind!

Scrapmatters has been busy upgrading and moving things around (I guess, switching servers) and as such, the site has been "down" for most of the day yesterday and today. I was so sad and frantic! I wanted to do challenges, I wanted to upload LO's to my gallery. And I couldn't *tear*!! But finally it was up and I got on to do the Grand Theft LO challenge for April 22nd.

We scraplifted from Linz's gallery and I chose this one:

and came up with this:
Tracie Stroud "Mod Girl"
Font - Missed your exit, Arial bold

Yes, another Tracie Stroud kit. I think I'm in love with Tracie's stuff! I got both the Mod Girl AND the Mod Boy kits. I figured I could find a way to make the boy one work, even if it means some boyish LOs for the girls.

Speaking of the girls, we had some gorgeous weather up here this past weekend and the last two days. We're in the midst of moving and don't want to set up our inflatable pool so I filled up the girls turtle sandbox with water instead and let them go to town. That's where that photo came from ;) Gotta love warm days!

Remember to stop by the end of this week to snag your blog train freebie!

Monday, April 27, 2009

More bows

I so planned to do a LO last night for the BAM weekly challenge. Instead I got tied up making a bunch of bows for a nice woman and went to bed early. In case you'd like to see, these are my newest bows:
These ones are "sets", they're slightly smaller than a full size bow (about 2.5-3 inches) and come in pairs. I typically sell these for $6/pr plus shipping.

These are full size, which are between 3.5 and 4 inches wide:

I'm hoping to get some LOs done today but I have another order of 6 sets to do and I need to bake some more ribbon, which takes forever!

Don't forget to swing by on Thursday to check out the April color challenge blog train from BAM!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Feeling super creative

So I decided to give designing a shot. I figured, if it was terrible I could just scrap it *haha* and leave the designing to the pros. Baby and Me's digiscrappers have a monthly color challenge (March was the first one) and I decided to join in. The colors were very soft and springy. I managed to put together a mini-kit for the blog train which will be releasing I believe on Thursday. I hope you stop by to check it out and move along the train to the other designers!

I have some recent LOs to add. This first one is from Digital Candy's Altered Candy challenge. Christie Lemmon offered up a cute little mini for us to use. We had to use everything from the mini kit, and alter it in some way. This is what I came up with:

Modern Neutral Add-on - Christie Lemmon Designs
Font - Jane Austen

This next one was for DC's April Word Art Challenge. They offered us up the great little "Pieces of my Heart" word art complete with the red heart. It worked so well with one of my wedding photos.

Page kit - "Glittering Joy Kit" - One of a Kind Designs
Black frame - "Night and Day" - Amanda Thorderson
Font - Jane Austen

Finally, Elly hosted a BAM speed scrap on April 22, 2009. She was really pushing us to try things we don't normally do, like photo mats, stacking, and using brushes.

Green paper - "spring chic" - Valerie N Designs
photo mat - Mimilou Designs - Scrapmalin
Flowers, ribbon, clip - "sweet springtime" - Summer Driggs
Buttons - "spring bloom" - WM[squared} designs
Stitches - "keep 'em in stitches" - Lisa Carter
Doodle frame - "doddle frames" - Mia Wahlberg
Font - missed your exit, jailbIrD JenNA

Beyond digiscrapping, I've been working hard on some bow orders. I got THREE of them in one week! Yay!
Here's some from the first order

I'm pretty pleased with them. I started adding satin and gingham ribbons to my bows and I think it adds just enough something-something to the bows.

Anyway, that's about it from me creatively. The weather is beautiful and I have bows to make! I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sometimes digiscrapping is up and down

I really like using templates. I do. I like altering them when I use them in my LOs to get to where I am happiest. BUT I use GIMP. I know, PS is sooo much better. But you know, it's soo pricey. I'm hoping to get it soon (as in my ex has decided I can have my discs back! we'll see how that goes). But until then GIMP it is. Well it seems my laptop thinks using a template in GIMP is like overexertion and when I get to the nearly-finished-point, it locks up on me or slows wayyy down and says "Not Responding".


I worked on a template during an SM speed scrap today. It was looking awesome. Crash. I give up haha. From now on *at least till I figure something better out* I'm going to stick with from scratch LOs.


Here's a LO I did last night, using a template, before today's fiasco. It took me many tries but I managed to get it done. The LO was for SM's Tuesday's Template chlg. I *think* it was this past Tuesday, the 14th.

Template - Sahlin Studios Template 4/14/09
Page kit - "Spring Blooms" - WM [squared] Designs
Alpha - "Clearly Outlined", recolored - by Tracie Stroud
Font - Missed Your Exit

Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A layout, and an example of what I learned

Ah, lovely Sunday. My hubby was home all day and I got to relax, for most of the day. My oldest was a bit of a whiner and a little needy, she kept falling down outside and getting dirty or scraping herself up. The baby took a long nap and my 2-nearly-3-yr-old was the easiest one to handle all day.

I managed to get a LO done for a Roadmap to Scrap for SM. I had started it last night using a template only for GIMP to lose it on me :-(. I had saved it and everything and in an effort to reopen it, found the entire thing to be one giant pink and green smear. *sigh* So I gave up for the night and started again today. Between doing laundry and taking care of the girls it took me about 5 hours. FIVE!! Gasp! Well, that's what happens when you've barely had any experience with a template. I'm hoping my next one will be smoother ;)

Here were the instructions for the scrap:
1.The main objective of this page is to use blocking. Either make your own, or use a template, but I would like to see AT LEAST 4 ‘squarish’ blocks on your page.

2. Use 4 or more papers, no less!

3. Use as many pictures as you like. You may clip photos to your blocks instead of papers.

4. Use a frame somewhere on your layout.

5. Put something subtle behind your blocking. Either a stamp or a faded wordart, or a blended element.

6. Use an alpha, but only for one single letter. This could mean the first letter of someone’s name. Or it could be the first letter of your title, and the rest you use a font. (example: the title ‘Princess’ would use an alpha for the letter ‘P’ and ‘rincess’ would be typed up with a font)

7. Use some sort of adhesive (stitch, staple, tape, etc.) to hold up some of your blocking.

And here's my layout:

Page kit and alpha - "Spring Bloom" WM [squared] Designs
Font - Missed Your Exit
Template - Kaelira's Digiscraps "Template 21"

I'm hoping to work on some more LOs tonight as the older girls have gone to a sleepover at Grammy's and the baby goes to bed at 6:30/7 on Sundays! Woohoo!

And lastly, this is my first ever digiscrap element I made. Actually, it's the only one I've ever made haha but I'm learning. Maybe someday soon I'll have something you can actually DL and use. Trust me this isn't great, although if I had placed a DS behind it before uploading it to my photobucket you might think it was neat-o.

Stop by again soon!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Really motivated

I don't know why, but I scrap in spurts. Just when I get time or when I really feel like I NEED to scrap something. Sometimes something great will happen during the day and I'll scrap as soon as the girls are napping or occupied. Lately I've been sort of scrap-happy and have come up with quite a few LOs. I've been trying to participate in as many challenges as possible over at and on BAM in the digiscrap forums there.

This might get to be overload. Just trying to play catch up. :)

This was a speed scrap over at SM.
The instructions
1. Choose your pictures and your papers. An even number of each.
2. Arrange your photos on your page in a row. Doesn't need to be even and the pictures don't all need to be the same size.
3. Show me a white or black frame/stroke/matte on each picture.
4. Time to embellish. Choose at least 2 elements and repeat it at least twice on your LO.
5. Add something yellow.
6. Take time to add shadows and make them look really good. Try shadowing from a different angle.
7. Don't title... only a little journaling and/or the date if you like.

And the resulting LO:

Papers, buttons, ribbons - "Birthday Party" by Rustic Charms Creations
White fibers (used to make frames) - "Wonderful Wedding" by Jen Maceyunas
Font - too much paper!

One of my favorite LOs of my oldest daughter so far, "Natural Beauty" was a LO from the BAM speed scrap on 3/11 (wow see how behind I am!?)

Papers and most elements - SM Design Star Round 1
-"Flower Scatter" - Dimplebrandy
-"green cotton paper" and "cream/green dot paper" - *Oldies but Goodies Mini-Kit* by CPZDesigns
-"Flower" - *All Natural* by Laura Banasiak aka “simply.scraps”
-"Swirl" - *Chocolate Temptation* by geniaBeana
-"Brown/green dot paper" - *You my inspiration* by Krista Sahlin
Alpha - Shabby princess "promises"
Stitches - "keep em in stitches" by Lisa Carter
Staples - Tootlebugz "CU Basic Stitches"

This was a scraplift challenge over at SM. I lifted this page by jennamy82

And came up with:

Papers, elements, alpha - "Sweet Pea" page kit by Tracie Stroud
Font - Teacher's Pet

***A little note, I love using just about any Tracie Stroud stuff. She's a pretty amazing designer and my current guilty pleasure! I wish I could buy up all her stuff :) Go check out her blog and her store at Scrapmatters***

Yet another roadmap to scrap over at scrapmatters.
The instructions:

1) Choose one photo only - it must be coloured (no black and white or tinted)
2) Place your photo in the centre of your page - we are going to build our LO around it
3) You need one plain background paper & 4 other papers
4) Show me some stitching! Be creative with it!
5) Show me some buttons or flair - you need to have at least two different ones
6) I want to see at least one kind of 'nature' on your page (flower, leaf, rainbow etc)
7) Layer, layer, layer - I want to see bright and interesting LOs that are fun to look at!
8 ) Your title must be a mix of alpha & fonts

And the results:

Papers, elements, alpha - "NEW" Tracie Stroud "Sweet Pea" page kit
Swirl stitches - "Keep 'Em in Stitches" by Lisa Carter
Straight stitches - "LGP Stitches" by LG Perspectives
Font - Socially Awkward

My oldest and my youngest on one page. How perfect :) This was, you guessed it, another BAM speed scrap, 4/4/09.

page kit - "Playtime" by geniaBeana
alpha - pink bead by Jaana Säker
font - pea rosie

I love this next LO. We started really cloth diapering my youngest about a month ago and I can't get over just how cute some of these diapers are. This was another BAM speed scrap, from 4/8/09.

page kit - Ready for Sun - Kimi's Kreations wink.gif
stitches - "keep em in stitches" - lisa carter
font - peabody, put another one in

I hadn't been keeping up with the BAM weekly challenges. Here's one from Week 23, I think it was April 9.

"Spring Bliss" by Snippets Inc, (incl. recolored ribbon)
CU Staple from Tbugz
Fonts - Pea Reese, Pea Rosie

This LO makes me happy. I just can't tell you how much I can't wait to get back to Florida. I took this photo when I went down for a visit in February. I had put off scrapping any of it because it makes me miss my Dad and I won't get to see him again until August. But now looking at the LO, from the SM speed scrap on 4/9/09, I just get excited to go back. I want to share that beauty with my girls.
I am a little disappointed, I forgot to shadow one of the papers, but such is life.

Page kit - "Sand & Surf" Designs by Stefanie
Staples - "Playtime" geniaBeana
Font - Pea Susela

SM's grand theft LO challenge on 4/15/09 led to this layout. I lifted this page from chia's gallery

and came up with this using yet another Tracie Stroud kit.

Page kit - "Spring Cottage" Tracie Stroud
Staple - "So Happy Together" Angie Kovacs and Tracie Stroud
Font - too much paper

We finally got some good weather up here in New England and my hubby took the little girls out to get some fresh air. I used the pics to do a scraplift of this page from Bethanny's gallery at SM.

My results:

Page kit - "All Things New" by Tracie Stroud
Font - too much paper!

Two more :) I promise, then we can be done for the night lol

For SM's Everyday Magic #14 titled "Recently..." We had to use "recently" taken photos in our LOs. Just this morning I snapped some great pics of my little one in the tub and knew they would work out for the challenge. Yet another Tracie Stroud kit...

Page kit - "All Things New" by Tracie Stroud
Font - Jane Austen

And finally...
For SM's roadmap to scrap for 4/3/09, I chose this photo of my hubby holding our middle daughter in the hospital as they slept. I've always loved this photo and while I had paper scrapped it, I felt the image calling to me for this LO.
1. Choose a photo and turn it to B & W. Additional photos are okay.
2. Use only two pieces of paper and be creative with them.
3. Frame or stroke your photo(s).
4. Embellish as you'd like, but I want to see a bird somewhere.
5. Add some stitches, but they need to be stitching down something.
6. Let's have a two word title, with each word starting with the same letter.
7. Tie something to or from your title.
8. Easy, and label your photo. Journal, if you'd like.

Page kit - Spring Bloom - WM [squared] Designs
Fonts - Jane Austen, Missed Your Exit

Onto other things...I've recently been venturing into making digiscrap stuff. I'm not confident enough with my abilities to offer things but soon SOON I tell you I will have something for you. All I've managed to do so far was create one glittery sun and it's not the greatest haha. Just keep an eye out, that's all I can say.

If you've made it this far in my post, thank you. If not, I totally understand. But do come back again!