Monday, March 9, 2009

A new LO

Last night on Baby and Me, Val hosted a speed scrap. Our instructions were:

1. Choose a series of 3 or more photos that tell a story 2. choose a background paper. Then choose at least 1 more to use in the background also. 3. Arrange photos so that they all touch and/or overlap, but make sure to leave a good amount of white space 4. frame one of your photos. 5. choose a ribbon. It can only be used once on the LO. 6. 3 buttons. they can be the same or different. Arrange them around your LO 7. add some kind of bling. (glitter, jewels, etc. 8. Add a title and some journaling.
I came up with this:

I really had a good time doing this. I like speed scraps. I like having directions lol. It really helps me get things done!

Paper, frame, ribbon, alpha - "pink parfait" - andrea gold
buttons - "celebrate with me" - simply sweet designs
glitter - "funky love" -megan turnidge
font - the blue cabin, tingle institute

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