Monday, March 9, 2009

A new LO

Last night on Baby and Me, Val hosted a speed scrap. Our instructions were:

1. Choose a series of 3 or more photos that tell a story 2. choose a background paper. Then choose at least 1 more to use in the background also. 3. Arrange photos so that they all touch and/or overlap, but make sure to leave a good amount of white space 4. frame one of your photos. 5. choose a ribbon. It can only be used once on the LO. 6. 3 buttons. they can be the same or different. Arrange them around your LO 7. add some kind of bling. (glitter, jewels, etc. 8. Add a title and some journaling.
I came up with this:

I really had a good time doing this. I like speed scraps. I like having directions lol. It really helps me get things done!

Paper, frame, ribbon, alpha - "pink parfait" - andrea gold
buttons - "celebrate with me" - simply sweet designs
glitter - "funky love" -megan turnidge
font - the blue cabin, tingle institute

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm a slacker

And I tend to neglect things I start, like diaries, journals, to-do lists (haha), and apparently blogs. I was browsing through my friends' blogs and it dawned on me "Duh! I have one of my own that needs updating!"
I've been doing some of the challenges over at Scrap Matters, just a couple scraplifts, and some of their other challenges. I like challenges that give you directions because sometimes at the end of a long day with my family, my mind is fried and I just want someone to say "Hey! Use a pink kit!" or "Two papers, 3 staples, and throw in some glitter for good measure!" ;-)

Anyway, here you go, credits below each LO.

"Sleep" was one of those scraplifts. I chose this one from "alamama's" gallery at SM:

and created this:

I've been holding onto that picture for a while now deciding how to scrap it and it just worked well in this LO.
Credits :
Papers & Elements - Simply Sweet Designs "Celebrate With Me"
Fonts - "too much paper!" and "Oh (Photo) Shoot!"

Yet another scraplift:
I chose this one from "Kate's" SM gallery:

AND came up with this:

My handsome hubby playing Guitar Hero. He's never so serious as when he's playing around!
Paper, staples, frame - "Funky Love" by Megan Turnidge
Ribbons - Scalloped Ribbons in Blue & Brown by Colleen Keehne
Font - "The Blue Cabin"

This next LO was part of a roadmap to scrap. They gave us the following directions and we had to create a LO with them.
1. Choose 3 photos.
2. Pick 1 background paper
3. Frame a photo or all of your photos with a set of brackets.
4. Add paintsplats, glitter sprinkles or pixie dust somewhere on your layout.
5. Add whatever elements you would like.
6. Use an Alpha to title your page.
7. Place a little bit of journaling right underneath your title.
8. Date your page by using any square/rectangle embellishment of your choice.

Paper, ribbon, flower, alpha - Jeni Hopewell "Family Ties"
Brackets - Geniabeana (Val) "Queen for a Day"
Splatter - Lilipruneau "Enjoy Life"
Fonts - "Tingle Institute" and "too much paper!"

I've got some other LO's I'm working on for some challenges on Baby and Me and SM that I'm hoping to finish up over the next couple of days. I'll post those as I finish them, promise! :D

Sunday, March 1, 2009

One brave step forward...from paper to digital

It seems that just about everyone I know in the digiscrapping world has some sort of blog and well I suppose I should too. Mostly I'll be using this as a place to display my LOs and share with my friends and family. If I ever get around to making my own things, well they'll show up here as well of course!

I was originally a paper scrapper. I started that back in 2005 when I was pregnant with my second child. I figured, with number two on the way I might need to find a way to record all the fun stuff number one was doing. Plus it gave me something to do during naptime.

Here are some of my paper scrapped pages from over the years. I don't have the faintest clue what the names of the manufacturers are for any of my paper pages, sorry!

^the paper creased :( that's so sad to see.

As you can see I was learning and growing the further along I got into scrapbooking. I had so much fun though, picking out papers and embellishments. It was always difficult to decide which page would get my favorite embellishments added. That's what I love about digital scrapping - you can use things over and over again. That's some serious return for what you pay.

And now some digital pages. Many of these were from challenges done at my favorite parenting site, Baby and Me . We have weekly challenges where one person sets the criteria, we all scrap a LO, and the hostess picks a winner who then creates the criteria for the next weeks challenge. I have yet to win one, but maybe someday...
(credits below each page)

This was our first weekly challenge. It was using Ginger Scraps Jack O Lantern kit.

This was our second challenge, using Scrap Girls "Refresh". I added on elements from Digital Candy's Sweet Tart Team Moonlights and Roses and the DC Sweet Tart Team July Kit. Fonts were Digs My Hart and An Accidental Kiss .

For weekly challenge 11, we were asked to use the Wishing on a Starr kit by I LOVE this page. I really want to print it and frame it for my bedroom. Fonts - Susie's Hand, Waterfalls. Alpha - "Glassy Alpha" by Kristin Aagard

Weekly challenge number 14 occured at the beginning of February. The host asked us to use the blogtrain Amour Toujours and incorporate the word "Love" into our LO. This is probably one of my favorite pages ever. It completely matches my baby's room and makes me smile everytime I see it. Alpha - Pink A Dot by Marie Stones

Challenge 15 - Kasie asked us to scrap ourselves and use our favorite color. I found this incredibly hard to do as I hate discussing myself (contrary to what you might see in future posts here, as I'm really working on being better to me). Plus I don't like pictures of myself so that part was difficult too. Anyway, I'm actually happy with how this page came out, considering everything that I struggled with.
Papers, most elements - Just a little Love by Cardamome
Circle frame -
Alpha - Jeweltone Alpha
Font - Digs My Hart

This is my first ever two page layout. One of the other scrappers on Baby and Me made this lovely kit and let me play around with it as part of a temporary CT. I had a lot of fun, it was so cute and sweet to work with. Peaches and Cream Kit by Kimi, font is Susie's Hand.

So you're probably overwhelmed and overloaded with all these pages. Thanks for looking and come back again soon!