Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting Started - Organization Day 1

First, let me say I don't know how many days my organization needs will last but I will do my best as long as possible to post about them.

I got the neat bug shortly after new year. EVERYONE in blog land seems to be posting tips tricks and DIYs to get home and life organized. I was inspired.

So I started in the kitchen. This was my first step. We were having a get together and realized we did not have enough glasses for all our guests. So we bought new ones. Unfortunately that meant our already crowded cupboards were even more cramped. I picked up a three piece set of wire racks at Wal-mart for $8.

The before (minus a few glasses in the dishwasher):

And the after, with more glasses:

This was when I decided to get all white dishes. I know it will look more put together then.

Back in the Habit

You know, life is insane. Things happen, kids happen. Work. Home. Friends. Sometimes there isn't much you can do about it but let go of the extras.

My extra was this blog. With everything else I had going on in my life, it was one thing tgat I didn't *need* to do.

But here I am. Back again. New year, new goals and all that.

Mostly I just want to make this a place to share again. In family and crafts. I cannot commit to eveeyday. But I can shoot for often and hope that is enough. We shall see.

I am not making resolutions or a list of goals this year. There are things I would like to do but if they don't happen, that is perfectly okay with me.

~ I would like to switch out all our dishes to solid white. While that sounds easy enough, it would be great if I could do this thriftily at the Salvation Army, Savers or Goodwill.

~ I want to list new types of items in my shop. This past year I added key fob wristlets. This year I plan to add soft dolls and stuffies. I have made a few already (post to come) for my girls and they were a big hit.

~ Get organized. I started this already in the bathroom and kitchen (that's what spurned the white dishes thought). My next steps are the kids clothes and The Hubby's *stuff*.

That's it so far.

Hope you have been well. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do you have Beiber Fever?!

My girls do. Admittedly, it makes me reminisce back to my Teen Beat/BOP days. Days when my walls were littered with posters of Devon Sawa, Josh Hartnett, JTT, Jonathon Jackson, etc etc etc I could go on and on. *drools*

But yes, my girls are in love with Justin Beiber. They have a cd, a poster, and a calendar. I also got them each a Beib t-shirt - on clearance for a buck apiece. They make cute nightgowns.

Imagine their delight last night when we saw this life size cutout of the Beibster at Wal-mart. They were beyond thrilled. Apparently WM is doing a promo where the kids can have their picture taken with said cardboard heart throb, and WM will give them a free 5x7 print of it plus a JB frame. was too late in the night and the photo tech didn't have the camera anymore. Big sighs, lots of tears. Aha! Mama always carries her camera. So we snapped a quick one:

Can you see the joy in their faces?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Shirt Painting

This is becoming a yearly tradition. Every year I think we'll make new shirts, and one of these days the girls will do more than squeeze blobs on their tops. This year we decided to use paint brushes to spread around said blobs.

These aren't great pictures, thanks to a rainy day, and the kids made a mess in the background. Just pretend that's not there ;)

There ended up being so much paint on them, they're still hanging to dry. Hopefully they'll be able to wear them soon. And FYI, it's hard to get fabric paint off floor tiles. bang head

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thrift Store Scores!

Last week we went to the local Salvation Army. I was mostly on the hunt for dresses for my older two girls for this summer. They prefer not to wear pants at any point in the year and we're running out of dresses that fit them. ANYWAY...we did not manage to meet that mission, dresses are hard to come by!

But!! We did find some things I was in "need" of. This is my room:

I had bought a new comforter set but the Hubby decided he liked the golden tan/brown set better, so the new one was returned. Alas, I did want to spruce it up. Mostly I'd been on the search for a bedskirt that coordinated, but wasn't a fortune. I don't understand why one skirt costs as much as a set of sheets?!

Also, the brown curtains are the same ones I had bought at Target last winter. We moved and ended up getting different ones for the living room. The brown ones matched our bedding better than the ugly blue ones we had before, but I still wanted something different.

So we took a walk around SA and in the home section, I saw a pile of bedskirts. On the very bottom was a faux-silk tan one that matched my comforter almost perfectly. The price? $3.49! Score!! It was also a pink tag which was half-off that day, so I got it for $1.75! Then we turned the corner and I saw something shiny and aqua blue, two of my favorite things. A closer look revealed a pair of Better Homes & Gardens faux silk panels. The extra long kind that I love. I knew they'd be perfect in my room. The price? $9.99, but ALSO with a sale tag! $5.00 for the pair!!

I rushed home and got them situated. The results:

Much better, much brighter! And now you can't see my craft bins under the bed.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adventures in Yarn Dying

Did you know you can dye yarn with Kool-Aid? Well, you can dye animal fiber yarns, not acrylic, with it. You can also dye human hair, since it's technically an animal fiber. Learn something new everyday!

I got some undyed Purewool yarn ( - they're also on etsy as 100purewool) and a pile of Kool-Aid packets.

Here's the yarn ready to go:

I loosely used the instructions from NobleKnits and went to town with the help of my middle. Here she is mixing the Kool-Aid in the cups.

The yarn, after we squirted it. I know they used a misting sprayer, we used a turkey baster haha!

All done! We also did one in various shades of pink - black cherry, cherry, strawberry, and strawberry lemonade.

I can't wait to learn how to knit it up!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Squishy Baby Face

Nothing creative to share with you today. I've been working quite a bit out of home and when I am home, I've been helping my sister out with her kiddos. They were here today and I'm {LOVING} it. There's not much I adore more than sweet smelling little babies. Especially this one.

This is my niece, Kenzie Lee. Isn't she gorgeous? *Insert big pink sparkly heart here* She usually has a stranger danger issue but she's been warming up to me. Probably because all I say to her is "Hey pretty baby!" or "Who's the prettiest baby ever?" Flattery works on the sweetest of babies. She really loves Caylee, my middle one. Cay is an awesome big cousin.

You know you want to come squish her cheeks. Or kiss them. Or pinch them. Or just rub your own cheeks to them. Did I mention she smells good? I even love her when she's like this

Hope you're having a lovely day!